Monday, August 24, 2009

Nearly done with mosaic #3!

I should be finished with it today or tomorrow. Here's a picture of some of the progress. I was going to make a jewelry box next to the vase but decided to go with something personal, which is a bowl that my son painted for me for my birthday when he was five. The characters in the book will closely resemble me and my family, so the items in the house will, too! I will put a picture of one of my older mosaics in the frame above the bowl and vase. Haven't decided yet which one, but when I am close to done, I will know what works best. I want to do that throughout the book - mosaics within a mosaic! Oh, looking at the photo, I think I need to re-work the inside of the bowl...

After this mosaic I will take a break to complete a commission for my dentist (trees). Though I am waiting for a glass order to start them and if it doesn't arrive soon, I guess I'll have to start the fourth mosaic for the book! Oh well.... :-)


  1. This is going to be great. I love the mosaic within a mosaic idea.

  2. Thanks Rebecca! I'm excited about it. Though it is tricky picking something that doesn't distract from the rest of the mosaic :-)

  3. Fantastic Christine!!! I love that you're using bits of your own art & family stuff in the book. Very personal, great idea! I really love the bowl, the real one & especially the mosaic one!