Wednesday, November 4, 2015

New Web Site

Time for a change, my new web site is done! I went with a build it yourself site so I could update it, add new work, etc., quickly and easily. I have new respect for web site builders and graphic designers. It is a lot of work!! Let me know what you think, if you see any links that don't work, loading is slow, anything else need addressing? Thank you.  :)

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Mosaic Tribute, For Mom, Installed

My mosaic triptych, For Mom, can now be viewed by the public in its permanent location, GoletaValley Cottage Hospital. The panels, which are four feet high and total six feet wide, are made with stained glass and millefiori. They have been installed in the hospital's nondenominational Sacred Space, available for patients and families of all faiths. The design is of a Jacaranda surrounded by day lilies and was created with love for my mom who passed in 2013. You can read more about my tribute to her in this blog post.


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mosaic Cats!

I have been creating mosaics for ten years now and if you've been following my work, you know I love cats. I love creating cats in all different styles from realistic pet portraits to fun, patterned cats, from cartoony cats to my favorite, blue cats. Their fun shape, fabulous poses and playful personality keep me creating them again and again. Our family cat, Raymi, has been the model and inspiration for many of these mosaics and is the star of my children's book, The Night Before Christmas.

Here are some of the many cats I've done. To see them in detail, visit my Mosaic Cat Flickr page.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Article in Mosaico na Rede Magazine

The third edition of Mosaico na Rede, a magazine published in Brazil, is now available and there is a lovely article in it about me, my art and my book, The Night Before Christmas. I was contacted last year by the editor, Magaly Floriano, who interviewed me and collected several photos of the mosaic illustrations in the book. The magazine is printed on nice, quality paper and includes many other interesting articles and images of beautiful mosaics throughout. It is printed in Portuguese and English. You can purchase a copy here.

Friday, September 4, 2015

New Pet Portrait

My latest mosaic made with stained glass is this teensy portrait of Buster, only 4x5".  It was tricky doing the eyes so small (most of it requiring tweezers), but once I got those just right, the rest fell quickly into place!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Mosaic Tribute to My Mom

Five years ago I was commissioned to create a mosaic triptych for the Sacred Space at Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital in California. After several years of delay, I began working on the design of a whimsical tree and colorful sky. It had just been submitted for approval when my mother suddenly passed away. My mosaic project quickly became more meaningful to me as I requested additional time to change the design and pour my love of her into it.

My mother adored nature and one of her favorite trees was the Jacaranda. She also had a tremendous love for daylilies, buying them, selling them, creating her own hybrids. She was deeply and enthusiastically involved with the daylily community with daylily pals all over the country. My original design had no flowers but I knew my redesign absolutely must.

My mother had more than 100 potted daylilies as well as maybe 100 more in the ground.  I couldn't possibly take them all home, so took 25 of her favorite potted ones and dug up 10 more. They had just finished blooming so had no flowers when I brought them home.  I used my mom's photos of them as inspiration for the design. 

A year later, as I was cutting glass for the flowers, they bloomed for me for the first time. As they were all different, I had no idea what colors or type they would be. For the next two months, I couldn't wait to go out in the morning to see what had opened that day. Sitting on the deck with my coffee and my cat, I was with my mom and her beautiful creations all around me. They are each magnificent and unique, as she was, and I am so grateful to have this part of her with me always.

After months of working on the mosaics, they were installed last week while I was out of town. I will be at the hospital this Thursday for the dedication ceremony to commemorate the opening of the hospital. The lighting is beautiful in the Sacred Space and I can't wait to see the mosaics in their new home. It will be another place I can go be with my mom, but nothing compares to being in my garden with the flowers she and I both love!

Monday, May 25, 2015

New Mosaic Installed at Children's Hospital

My latest mosaic, Joshua Tree, has been installed at Children's Hospital in Madera, CA. It is 20x30" and made with stained glass and millefiori.

When I learned the hospital wanted a desert theme, I immediately thought of Joshua Tree and how my father would take my sisters and I there on the way to visit my great grandmother who lived in Yucca Valley. Camping and being out in nature is something my dad loves probably more than anything, and my favorite memories of him in my childhood always involve him sharing this love of the outdoors with us.