Sunday, December 21, 2014

Seven Impossible Things For Breakfast!

Oh yay, I’ve been featured on my favorite children’s literature blog, Seven Impossible Things for Breakfast!  Julie Danielson has posted my detailed process of how I created my book with tons of pictures, most of which I’ve never posted before.  If you’ve ever been curious as to how I did it and what my thoughts were as I made it, please go over and read it on her blog, here!  And stay awhile if you love children’s literature.  She’s been doing it since 2006 and has a wonderful archive of the most interesting interviews and of course, fabulous children’s book art!  Thanks so much, Jules!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Mrs. Figs' Bookworm with Carol Heyer

I had a great time at the book signing I did with Carol Heyer at Mrs. Figs' Bookworm!  The store is absolutely charming, as are the owner and staff, who were so friendly and welcoming.  I loved the indoor porch reading area, so cozy.
I brought one of my mosaics from the book to display, the one that shows the Christmas tree, so when the kids were doing their own paper mosaic Christmas tree, they could see that I also used cut triangle pieces to create mine.

Connie, the owner, read both my book, The Night Before Christmas, and Carol's book, Humphrey's First Christmas.  I am going to have to up my game when I read my book the next time if I want to do as great a job as she did!  She is a born story teller.

I LOVED Carol's book, which I had never read before.  It has humor and heart and the illustrations are so beautiful.  I particularly enjoyed the images of Humphrey and his wonderful expressions.

Thanks so much for hosting me, Mrs. Figs, and I hope to be back again next year!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas Book Signing and Craft Event

I'm excited about an upcoming event I'll be doing with author/illustrator Carol Heyer at Mrs. Figs' Bookworm in Camarillo, CA.  I will be signing my book, The Night Before Christmas, and Carol will be signing her book, Humphrey's First Christmas, the story of a lovable camel that accompanies three wise men to bring gifts to the Baby Jesus.  Here are the details:

Date:  Saturday, Dec. 6, 2014

Time:  2-4 p.m.

Location:  Mrs. Figs' Bookworm, 93 East Daily Drive, Camarillo, CA

Bring your kids for a fun paper mosaic craft and Christmas illustrations from Carol's book to color.  Also plan to visit  Santa's Workshop in the Las Posas Plaza from 10-4 (Santa eats lunch from 1-2).  Hope to see you there!


Monday, November 24, 2014

Postcards Available From My Book

I now have postcards available of these two images from my book, The Night Before Christmas.  They are 4.25x5.5" and are blank on the back, perfect for a Christmas greeting.

The cards come in packs of ten and you can find them and my book here

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


My latest pet portrait, is of a beautiful cat named Hamish, who recently passed away. The mosaic, which is 8x10" and made with stained glass now resides with Isabelle in the U.K.

I always begin with the eyes on any animal or person.  Once I am happy with them, I know I will ultimately be happy with the whole mosaic.  The eyes can take me hours sometimes, especially if I have to cut tiny pieces such as the little white reflections, which in this mosaic are less than 1/8 of an inch in diameter.

I work with lots of visuals, including many photos of Hamish so I can get his markings and coloring just right; a black and white photo of the primary photo I'm working from to get the values correct; and a line drawing of the mosaic so I can work out the andamento of the glass (how I want to cut it and ultimately flow).

I received a lovely email from Isabelle after she received her mosaic: 

Hello Christine, I received the mosaic today in perfect condition. I love it and when the light shines on the eyes they twinkle and make me smile. You have captured Hamish and I will cherish it for ever. I feel him looking back at me and makes the loss easier. Thank you for the book and cards also but most of all bringing my Hamish back to life. Best wishes Isabelle
Thank you, Isabelle, for your trust and faith in me to create this portrait of Hamish for you!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mention in Stained Glass News

In the recent issue of Stained Glass News, there is a nice little mention of my book.  Also a very cool article by Martin Cheek for all of you mosaic enthusiasts.  Find a copy at your local stained glass store or online.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Beaded Horse - Cheval

I have been wanting to create a mosaic with seed beads for the longest time and finally took the time to do it.  I'm so glad I did!  So much fun working so tiny and detailed, exactly how I like to work.

I started out with a 7x7x2" wooden horse I found at a garage sale and sealed it with primer.  I loosely drew a design on the horse, but I ended up not following it and worked spontaneously one section at a time.  Once I finished the first side, I duplicated the patterns on the other side to match.

I used glass fusions as accents, and cut millefiori for the eyes.  I mostly glued the beads down while they were still on the string, but I also had to put them on one by one with tweezers, a tricky business!

Once I was nearly done, I drilled a hole in the backside, created 15-20 beaded strings and then (after grouting the horse) attached the beads for the tail.  It took nearly 100 hours to make, but I will definitely be doing this again!