Thursday, September 2, 2010

Book progress! 5th mosaic well underway

I am so happy to be back at my book! I was away from it for about 4 months creating work for shows and small commissions. At the beginning of August I began working on the fifth mosaic and while I still have a lot more to complete on it, I thought I'd share a couple of work in progress photos. This is by far the most detailed mosaic I've done for the book and already I have spent more than 100 hours on it. The most detailed parts are done, so I'm hoping that, even though it's mostly background fill to do, it will go faster than the first half! Wish I could share more (boy, do I) but here's a little for now. :)


  1. Thanks Rebecca. Wish I could show much, much, more. I'm so proud of it!!

  2. Beautiful cutting and "two into one"! Your book will be n our book pile for sure Christine!

  3. You are incredibly precise, and yet it all looks so effortless. Beautiful!