Thursday, January 31, 2013

Book Mosaic #14 underway!

I'm so excited that this is my final large mosaic for the book!  This is a small detail shot of the mosaic, which will be 15x24".  This bit here is only about 2x3", which is why I had to use millefiori for Raymi's eye - it was just too small to cut glass for otherwise!  This mosaic will be pages 27 and 28.  Page 29 will be a half page, so the mosaic will be 15x12" instead.  I will probably make one or two really small mosaics for the end pages, if I have time.  I need to finish the book by May or June so it can go to the printers by summer.  I will be announcing on my blog when the book is ready, but if you'd like to have a postcard with an image from the book mailed to you, email me here or fill out the mailing list form on the right of the blog.  I'm getting close!!

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