Monday, May 13, 2013

All Changes Made on Book!

Last week I finished all of the changes I wanted to make on the book.  Most were small, but I did have to make some big ones, too, but the book is going to be so much better because of them.

One more detail I needed to take care of was gluing photos of my mosaics to clear glass.  These will be the artwork hanging on the walls in the mosaics.  I had never done this before so I had to do many, many tests to find the right kind of adhesive and paper that would not show dried glue or smear the image on the paper.  For anyone interested in doing this, out of mod podge, Weldbond, Elmer's and wallpaper paste, the Weldbond dried clearest, and using matte photo paper worked far better than glossy paper.  (5-15-13 add on:  I started wondering and worrying about the photos fading over time, which could be disastrous!  So I just went and collected some UV museum glass from my local frame shop.  I have to redo all of these, but now I will have peace of mind.)

So I have now begun the process of getting the mosaics, which are currently on fiberglass mesh, onto wedi board.  Since they are 15x24", they are quite flexible and floppy as I didn't use a lot of glue originally.  I wanted to be able to make changes easily so only applied one or two dots of glue onto each piece.  In the past, I would cut the mesh in the middle and separate the mosaic into two pieces for easier handling.  However, there is some very odd cutting of glass, including long horizontal pieces, so it was impossible to cut the mesh without it being weirdly shaped and even more difficult to handle, not to mention dislodging glass in the process.

So I decided to "paint" the back of the mosaic with a thick coat of Weldbond.  It dried stiff and is now much easier to place on the board without collapsing.

I have 15 mosaics to prep before grouting:  trimming the mesh and painting the backs with glue, and then measuring and cutting the wedi, adding the hangers, and then thinsetting the edges of the board.  Whew!  A lot of work just to be ready to grout.  There needs to be drying time, too, so while some are in various stages of drying, I am prepping others.  I will probably start grouting tomorrow, can't wait!!

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