Friday, June 28, 2013

Four years ago....

Four years ago this month, I started working on my children's book, and it is now less than a week away from going to the printers!  Just some last minute changes to the book design and it is off next Tuesday.  It looks so beautiful, I can't wait!

I wanted to get the book to the photographer and printers as soon as possible, so I put aside the finishing details to the mosaics while I worked on the book design with Barb.  Now that I'm done with that, I've gone back to finishing the edges with thinset and painting the backs.  Here I am putting thinset on the last mosaic.  Boy, did that feel good to finish!!

Now I'm working on painting the backs, signing them and sealing them.  Should be finished with all that this weekend.  The printing could take 6-8 weeks, maybe more, but once I get a date from them, I'll let you know!

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