Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New mosaic cats

I took a break from my book to create two mosaics. While in Austin, during the SAMA conference, one of my favorite mosaic artists, Martin Cheek, approached me and asked if I'd do a trade with him! Well, I've done so many mosaic trades over the past few years and had decided I wouldn't do any more for awhile because they take time away from my book, but could I pass this up? No way!

Martin wanted a cat so we decided on a cat trade. I already own a mosaic of a mouse by Martin, which I bought a few years ago, and I was more than happy to add to my Martin Cheek collection! I went on his web site to look at the many cat mosaics he had already made. When I saw Skinny Cat, I immediately knew that was the one I wanted! He shipped it to me while I got to work on his mosaic. Blue Cat, which is 8x10", was modeled after our family cat, Raymi, who has appeared in more of my mosaics than I can count! Check out Skinny Cat! I love those wild eyes!

Then he told me his daughter, Mollie, really liked my cat mosaics and would I be willing to do a trade with her as well. She makes adorable fused glass jewelry, mostly of animals, including cats, ha. So I said, absolutely!! She's going to make me either a turtle or a cat necklace. See how wonderful they are?! If you want to see more of her jewelry, follow this link. Spotted Kitten is the mosaic I made for her. It is 4x5".

As for the book, I am currently working on the design for Mosaic #9. I hope to get started cutting glass in the next week and will keep you posted with the progress!!


  1. Mollie's jewelry is so cute, and still has her dad's humour in it. Love the mosaics

  2. I enjoy your blog immensely and I'm slowly reading through it from the beginning. Anything mosaic makes me happy and you show lovely ones and such a variety. I lived in Austin for awhile but wasn't mosaicking then--the SAMA workshops sound so exciting. OK, I better stop or I'll start hyperventilating! Thanks so much for sharing.
    best, nadia

  3. Thanks everyone for reading my blog!

  4. Cool mosaic cats. How do you get the continuous line for the whiskers?Anne

  5. Thanks, Anne! For the whiskers, I used wire for the top cat and elastic line for the bottom cat. Thanks for visiting my blog!