Thursday, June 23, 2011

Two Years on my Book!

I know I haven't posted in over a month, but trust me, I've been working hard on my book! This week marks two years since I started the process. Wow! I remember thinking I'd be done in a year. Now I'll be happy if I'm done in three!

I'm in the middle of mosaic #9 and have gotten the hardest parts done, so the rest should go much faster (famous last words, right?). Here's a little bit of it. Raymi makes her fifth appearance in the book. She's really small in this mosaic, about 1x2", and I struggled with cutting glass for her eyes because of that. However, I found this millefiori that fit just right! She looks a little bug eyed at the moment, but she'll look better grouted. :)

I decided after my last mosaic trade that I was going to focus on the book alone and not create mosaics for any other purpose, (unless a commission happens to come my way!) With that in mind, my ultimate goal is to finish one mosaic a month. At that rate, I would finish around January of next year. I would then spend a couple of months making changes to the mosaics. I have a long list of them, some very small, others will take a lot longer. I realize my style and skill level have changed and grown since I began, so that is making it a bit difficult because I'd do so many things differently now. However, I'd never finish the book if I kept making changes as I grew! So I will try and keep it under control, ha.

After that, transferring the mosaics on mesh to wedi and grouting them will take me a looooong time. Then photographing them and having Barb put the book together will be about another month. All in all, I'm hoping the book will be ready to go to print by summer of next year. I can hardly contain my excitement! But that is good motivation to finish as soon as I can. Thanks for following my progress!


  1. And it's going to be so totally worth the wait!! :)

  2. I still LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE your style. It is so 'simple', and perfect! What is perfect in a mosaic? When I look at it, I instantly SMILE! Then I look at the detail, and am amazed. I can't wait to buy your book! Maybe I can sell it for you down under! Anyways, keep at it, I really enjoy looking and admiring your work!

  3. That's amazing! I'm so proud of you for seeing it through, even though it's taking much longer than you expected. But that's sort of the way with all mosaics, isn't it?

    And your little kitties are the most charming animals I've seen done in mosaic. Keep up the good work - it will be worth the wait :)

  4. Thanks so much, Kory. The ultimate compliment is when my mosaics make you smile. :) Thanks for offering to sell my book down under!

    Thank you, too, Lee Ann! Yes, there's always something that makes mosaics take longer than you think they will. I just had no idea there'd be so many with this book!

  5. Ah, Christine, watching your progress is pure joy. I wonder if anyone besides you can tell that there are changes in the way you work? Raymi is a delight!

  6. Thanks so much for visiting my blog, Virginia! Probably nobody but me :)

  7. I've been bad about blogging too - book work makes you busy :)

    and this is so exciting! It really is quite a journey - and I know you will be super excited when everything is complete. I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's finished and in print!

  8. Thanks, Megan! It is exciting, every step of this journey!