Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tree Trade

I just finished another mosaic entitled Trees For Irit. It is 12x16" and is made with stained glass, vitreous, millefiori, beads, and jasper. It was created as a trade with one of my favorite mosaic artists, Irit Levy.

Now check out the tree that is on its way to me! It is also 12x16" and is titled Chez Christine. I completely adore it! She is so good at using color and her backgrounds are amazing. I only hope to be as good as her some day!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

New Work

My first post! My blog has been sitting empty until I had created a new mosaic. This mosaic, entitled Summertime, was created for a poster/t-shirt competition for our local Summer Solstice celebration here in Santa Barbara, CA.  I only had a week's notice to make it, so it isn't as detailed as I normally do, but sometimes less is more! Especially for printing purposes. But if it doesn't win, I didn't invest too much time so I won't be (too) disappointed. Next year I will get a jump start on it!