Friday, February 8, 2013

Mosaic #14 for book is done!

I have just finished the final large mosaic (15x24") for my children's book!  It was one of the faster ones, which feels really good coming towards the end of the project.  I have one more design to go, a half size mosaic (15x12") which I hope to finish this month and then I will move onto the changes.  I have kept a list (quite long, actually) of what I want to change in my earlier mosaics.  Most are pretty small, but there are a few that will take some time.  I will post those later, as I complete them, to give an idea of what I'm doing.  As an example, this brick house was a grey house (my house) in an earlier mosaic, but it works better as brick, so now I need to go back and change the earlier one to brick.  I wanted the book to reflect as many personal things in my life as I could, but for the betterment of the book, my house won't be grey.  There will also be some areas I change in the first three mosaics I made where I wasn't sure how to cut the glass for those areas and just went with what was easy, crazy paving.  In the three years since I made those mosaics, I've grown and improved, so I'm going to take the crazy paving out and redo it nicer.'s Raymi completed!