Friday, April 6, 2012

Finished Another Book Page!

Just finished mosaic #12 for my children's book, woo hoo!  I started this one in January and I'm not really sure why it took so long other than my busy-ness with the mosaic marathon.  The snowman here is based off a snowman my son made in the third grade.  The cat is an actual decoration of ours.  I've tried to personalize the book as much as possible.  The green checkered table runner is inspired by the runner my mother-in-law made for me.

Our cat Raymi is on this page again, too.  She is on almost every page, actually! 

And in the last photo, I recreated one of my mosaics from a few years ago, "We're Free!" and put it in a frame.  The frame was actually a mirror at first (designed from our actual mirror) but it was complicated when it came time to make the reflection in the mirror.  It just didn't read very well, so I turned it into a framed artwork instead!  It's been fun putting my older mosaics in the book.  Going to get a start on the design for #13 this weekend.  Down to my last three mosaics for the book.  Hoping to be done by this summer! 
Recreation of We're Free

We're Free from 2008