Sunday, February 13, 2011

Recap of SAMA Chicago 2010

As I'm packing and getting ready to go to SAMA's (Society of American Mosaic Artists) annual mosaic conference this Tuesday (in Austin, TX), I realize I never did post about my experience last year. Last year the conference was in Chicago and it was my first time there, and wow, what a city! I loved it! I don't care for large cities (having grown up in and moved out of Los Angeles) but I adored Chicago. The conference was four days long of mosaic heaven. I took three workshops: a smalti/millefiori/glass fusions class with Martin Cheek; an andamento class with Gary Drostle; and a design class with Sue Giannotti. Here's the mosaic I started in Martin's class and finished when I got home. I loved working with the Mexican smalti and fusions, which I had never used before.

One of the highlights of the conference was the mosaic walking tour. Saw some gorgeous mosaics, my favorite being Marc Chagall's Four Seasons. I could've spent all day looking at it.

The mosaic marathon was fun, as was the mosaic art salon, where you get to bid on another's mosaic art and sell your own. Here's mine, which sold to a woman who also bought my mosaic at the mosaic salon at SAMA, San Diego, 2009! I'm bringing another cat mosaic to this year's salon, so we'll see if it sells or not. :) Had a great time browsing the vendor marketplace, hoping for a winning ticket at the raffle, and listening to some intriguing panels of speakers. There was also a group trip to Chicago Sici's as well as end of the week dancing and pj party!

And one of the best things about these conferences - seeing all of my online friends and meeting new ones! Looking forward to catching up with my buddies in Austin in just two short days!! Will give a full report upon my return!